Secure workforce and supply-chain login with strong authentication that is issued and managed by MyID®

Employee identity is a central attack surface for bad actors. With MyID credential management IT and Operational Technology security leaders have a solution that delivers strong multi-factor authentication.

Deliver a secure, passwordless authentication experience for employees and suppliers to access corporate systems and networks.


of critical infrastructure organizations were targeted by malicious ransomware attacks. 

(Astra, 2023)

$4.82 m

is the average cost of a data breach for critical infrastructure organizations in 2023.

(Astra, 2023)


of critical infrastructure organizations didn’t employ a zero-trust architecture. 

(Astra, 2023)


MyID is a feature-rich credential management system that enables critical infrastructure providers to deploy digital identities to a wide range of secure devices simply, securely and at scale.

  • For system administrators  - Configure certificate and device issuance policies.  Integrate with existing certificate authorities such as Entrust, PrimeKey and Microsoft and other identity management systems such as SailPoint.
  • For system operators – Benefit from simple management controls for credential issuance, replace and revocation and time saving process automation such as batch operations
  • For end users – Simple credential collection and uses including strong authentication, email encryption and document signing. Simple authentication processes using PIN or biometrics, depending on device support.



Maximum data breach protection

Remove passwords – the primary cause of data breach and build user access around cryptographically protected multi-factor authentication.

Simple integration

Simplify the integration of existing IT with PKI or FIDO for minimal disruption.

Easy management

Benefit from one software solution for operators to issue and manage thousands of employee, contractor and, if required, supplier digital identities.


MyID is a credential management platform that has been in operation for many of the world’s most security conscious enterprises for more than 20 years.


As cybercrime, hacking, phishing and malware attacks become more advanced, futureproof processes against the growing threat with a robust digital identity system. MyID integration also means your CMS adapts as the devices and technologies your employees use change.

Cost saving

From the simplicity and ease of integration across existing infrastructure and devices, to the reduction in IT resource involvement thanks to enabling employees to self-serve, MyID CMS adds value to any critical infrastructure cyber security capabilities.

Trusted by Governments and Enterprises Worldwide

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