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Faster transactions with greater security – how a leading global mining corporation use MyID for mobile authentication and transaction signing.

One of the world’s largest natural resource companies, operating mining, metallurgical and oil production sites across more than 35 countries and employing 145,000 people, required a solution to free up its teams from the slow, in-efficient process of transaction approvals.


With a geographically spread workforce, and operations in many remote locations, employees regularly need access to financial applications without easy access to an office and desktop computer.

Whether it is an employee at a mining operation requiring to sign off a financial transaction to a parts supplier, or accessing an accounting or expenses application remotely. Employees regularly need to sign off on large transactions and so the company will not compromise on security. Strong multi-factor authentication using public key infrastructure (PKI) has been the foundation of the company’s workforce authentication, ensuring only the right people have access to the right applications and funds.

However, the existing method of requiring employees to authenticate to virtual desktops was proving to be slow and unreliable, reducing efficiency and providing a poor user experience for employees.

The company needed a more flexible, user-friendly solution for its employees that would still be backed up by the security of PKI based multi-factor authentication.



Employees are able to use PKI based strong authentication into financial applications, backed up by a centrally stored audit log of signed transactions for non-repudiation.

Smooth business transactions

Simple authentication via standard mobile device PIN, fingerprint, or facial capture.

Low cost

MyID is vendor independent and has integrated with existing mobile end point device and back-end infrastructure.


The company’s IT team is able to set policies for employee usage of transaction signing and provide a tailored user experience using the MyID mobile app and APIs.


The company uses MyID to manage existing credentials across all devices including smart cards, virtual smart cards and tokens, as well as mobile devices.


MyID software has a quarterly release cycle, ensuring the deployment will continue to offer the functionality, and work with the technologies and vendors the company wants to use.

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Faster transactions with greater security – how a leading global mining corporation use MyID for mobile authentication and transaction signing.


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