Password Security Management

Make your passwords as secure as they can be, with comprehensive user-friendly policies, intelligent password audits, and continuous assessment against the world’s largest database of compromised credentials.

Still using Passwords?

Check your corporate credentials against over 8 billion compromised username and password combinations

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With over 80% of data breaches being linked to weak, shared or stolen passwords, passwords can be problematic. MyID PSM assesses existing password-related weaknesses, reports on current threats and risks, automatically remediates the problem, and provides ongoing real-time protection and alerting from new password breaches.

MyID PSM improves security and compliance as well as enhancing the end-user experience. The easy to deploy and robust solution simplifies password security management by enabling organisations to set good password policies compliant with NIST, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR, and helping users adhere to the policy. MyID PSM can detect and prevent breached passwords via real-time and scheduled checking, stops accounts from sharing passwords and offers instant password feedback and automatic remediation.

MyID PSM is for: 

  • Password protection that reduces the risk of cyberattacks, including ransomware, phishing and credential stuffing.
  • Real-time password feedback that help users choose good passwords and comply with NIST SP 800-63B, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR and other digital identity standards.
  • Allow your users to manage their own passwords via a self-service portal, improving staff productivity and lowering IT support costs (and calls).
  • Receive daily password audit reports, identifying and fixing breached passwords across all accounts, including service, inactive and dormant.
  • Check against over 8 billion compromised credentials in the largest enterprise-grade Password Breach Database in the world.

Monitor and evaluate your user account passwords in real time

From when a password is created to when it becomes vulnerable, you have the ability to manage, advise and remediate your users’ password practices via a live dashboard.

Ensure you are safe and secure with a FREE Active Directory password audit from Intercede

Quickly scan and identify unsafe passwords, protecting your business and following best security practice.  

Password security is more essential than ever before. 
Here at Intercede we provide effective password security management and authentication solutions.  Our password audit can scan your Active Directory, identify any password-related vulnerabilities including breached passwords, identical passwords, weak passwords and many more. 

The accumulated data will generate a complete and detailed report containing areas of concern, whether you are NIST-800-63B compliant, and our recommended next steps.

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    MyID PSM enables users to create passwords that meet the organizations password policy, whilst simultaneous checking against our breached database so users cannot choose an already compromised password.


    Our password breach database is the largest in the world with over 8 billion breached credentials, and millions of daily updates.  If you are verifying passwords are not known to be compromised, it makes sense to use the most comprehensive source of information available.  


    User self-service Active Directory password reset via OTP. Simplified password policy that helps users set good passwords, and reduced helpdesk calls.


    Works with our MFA solutions to help you on your journey towards better security and stronger authentication.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the implementation of MyID PSM disruptive to my organization and all the users?

    No, there will be very little disruption during implementation.  Generally business will continue as normal and users will be unaware unless they have compromised credentials that will need to be addressed.

    What users will notice is that when they do have to set a new password they will get more help in choosing a better one and more guidance should a password not fit your defined policy.

    If we are to proceed, how is it integrated?

    MyID PSM is easily deployed onto the domain controller, working with your existing data avoids the need for any complex user data synchronization and the security risk of information being shared with a third party.

    How do users know they are using breached passwords and how do they rectify them?

    Affected users will be automatically notified and forced to change their passwords. Accounts can be disabled if they are compromised.  Removing the reliance on humans to always do the right thing is a major factor in improving security.

    If a password breach was to occur, how do we find out if we are affected?

    Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – as soon as a breach is detected, our MyID PSM jumps into action and identifies all breached accounts. All those affected will be notified and forced to change their passwords.

    Is the system secure?

    We run the password security checks on your server, so sensitive data never leaves your network keeping it safe.  We work with password ‘hashes’ so never need access to the clear text password itself meaning no sensitive data is ever exposed.

    Want to know more?

    If you are ready to book a demo, simply click the button below and we will arrange a demo of MyID PSM

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