Comply to FIPS 201 with MyID credential management for the secure issuance and maintenance of high-assurance, trusted credentials for federal PIV and derived credential digital identities.

FIPS 201 compliance ensures federal government workforces meet the robust level of identity security set by US Government.

With MyID federal government agencies and critical suppliers have a robust credential management system to issue and manage high-assurance, trusted credentials across PIV smart cards that comply to FIPS 201.

A solution that enables people to flow securely while agencies can be certain that the individuals connecting to government resources and facilities are exactly who they claim to be.



federal agency employee digital identities currently issued and managed using MyID


federal smart cards issued per day via MyID


MyID out of the box connectors to common infrastructure components (e.g. PKI and Directories) and APIs to allow for easy integration as part of a larger identity management ecosystem

MyID simplifies FIPS 201 compliance by providing software that integrates within existing environments and enables federal agencies to issue and manage FIPS 201 compliant Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials.

Secure the flow of digital identities and make FIPS 201 compliance easy

MyID® credential management enables federal agencies and government suppliers to take control of the digital identities they issue. Using proven public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, each device is issued with its own trusted and cryptographically protected unique identity.


Maximum cyber security

Build IIoT ecosystems around cryptographically unique device identifiers and protect against data breach.

Simple integration

Simplify the integration of existing IT infrastructure by utilising MyID as the connector for existing infrastructure with PKI digital identity issuance and management.

Easy management

Manage the lifecycle of credentials, automatically revoke them if a user leaves the organisation, or update them in advance of expiry. All credential issuance and lifecycle events are recorded within MyID allowing full visibility of who has active credentials.


MyID platform has been established as the best practice credential management solution for more than 20 years and can be found in many US Federal Agencies and large enterprises.


Know you have a continually evolving platform that delivers PIV across physical identity cards, smart cards, smartphone devices, laptops and USB tokens, and acts as a single, secure and portable credential.

Cost saving

From the ease of integration across existing infrastructure and devices, to the reduction in IT resource involvement and threat of data breach, MyID reduces cost.

Case Studies

How MyID credential management system enables the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to issue and manage millions of digital identities for a workforce that includes air traffic controllers and US Coast Guard.

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Discover how MyID® helps the FAA issue and manage secure, federal agency compliant digital identities across their 47,000 strong workforce that's spread US-wide.

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