Credential Management System

MyID® CMS is a flexible software solution that enables organizations and governments to deploy and manage PKI based digital identities to a wide range of secure devices.

MyID CMS delivers the integration, flexibility and scalability necessary for governments and enterprises to run identity and multi-factor authentication and national identity schemes for hundreds and thousands of employees through to millions of citizens.

Now featuring strong authentication for mobile, the new MyID mobile authenticator app turns end users’ mobile devices into crypto-protected keys, enabling passwordless multi-factor authentication for end users into cloud resources, corporate systems and networks through touch ID, facial biometric or a PIN. 


  • Enterprises who want to protect their networks, systems and cloud-based resources with the most secure method of employee authentication.
  • Governments who wish to deploy PKI-based digital identities to citizens.
  • Governments who wish to digitally transform their citizen service delivery by embracing mobile.
  • Organisations wishing to deploy user credentials to a wide range of devices including smart cards, USB tokens, virtual smart cards and mobile devices.
  • Organisations who want an easy to use solution for IT to issue and lifecycle manage user credentials, from thousands to millions of end users.
  • Organisations who need a system flexible enough to adapt to existing business processes and integrate with existing infrastructure.
  • Organisations who want to deliver passwordless multi-factor authentication for end users, across the technology they want to use.
  • Organisations looking for FIDO and Passkey solutions, including synced passkey capabilities. 
  • Organisations who wish to roll out passkeys or FIDO enabled devices.
  • Organisations and Governments who wish to deploy and manage YubiKeys.



  • Issue cryptographically protected digital identities to individuals using public key infrastructure (PKI) to smart cards, USB tokens, smartphones and virtual smart card enabled technology.
  • Configure certificate and device issuance policies, ensuring the right people receive the right digital identities.
  • Issue credentials via face-to-face, centrally or via self-service.
  • Provide high levels of user service, with simple process-driven features for help desks to issue replacement devices upon loss, or re-enable locked devices.
  • Maintain full auditability and reporting – allowing visibility of who issued which digital identities to which users and on what device, helping with external audits and compliance with identity management guidelines.
  • Enable strong authentication for end users via their mobile device without the need for additional hardware or server software .

Strong Authentication to meet your needs

Replace passwords with multi-factor authentication with the strong authentication using PKI.


  • Software including connectors to directories, PKI, hardware security modules, smart cards, USB tokens, virtual smart cards, smart card printers and mobile devices.
  • Operator desktop for administration and management.
  • End user self-service kiosk and client application.
  • APIs and SDKs for integration and customization.
  • Configurable credential management policies.
  • Mobile authentication for end users into cloud resources, corporate systems and networks using MyID's Authenticator app.


Step up to the highest level of security

Replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication, providing the most effective protection against the number one cause of data breach - weak or compromised user credentials.

Simple to use

Shaped around ease of use both for operators and end users, MyID CMS Enterprise guides users through processes, reducing day to day operational costs and ensuring high levels of user adoption.

Integration flexibility

MyID CMS Enterprise is developed to work with what you already have and support your existing business processes, minimising impact on your existing environment and speeding up deployment.

Software enriched by >20 years' experience

Benefit from more than 20 years of software development, shaped by the governments and large enterprises who trust MyID CMS Enterprise to help them issue and manage digital identities to their millions of citizens and employees for simple, secure access to the information they need.

Technology Independent

Issue and lifecycle manage credentials across the devices you want to use. Mobile devices, USB tokens, virtual smart cards, and smart card devices are all supported by MyID CMS Enterprise.

Mobile Authentication

With MyID CMS Enterprise’s authenticator app turn your end users’ mobile device into a PKI credential and enable passwordless multi-factor authentication into cloud resources, corporate systems and networks through touch ID, face ID or PIN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyID CMS?

MyID CMS is a feature-rich credential management solution, designed to provide secure identification credentials for individuals in an organization.  PKI based it will enable your enterprise to meet the highest level of authentication.

What types of enterprises is MyID suitable for?

MyID is versatile and can be used by a multitude of organizations, regardless of their sector. It's particularly beneficial for those dealing with sensitive information, such as government bodies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations or firms operating in the technology sector.

How does MyID improve the security of an enterprise?

MyID improves security by assigning unique, secure and traceable credentials to each individual within an organisation. These credentials can control access to digital assets, applications, and physical locations, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and the potential for security breach.

How user-friendly is the MyID Interface?

The MyID interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It simplifies complex operations into easy, intuitive actions that any member of staff can carry out. The interface provides clear guidance throughout each process, eliminating the need for specialized IT skills.

Can MyID be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, MyID is highly flexible and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems within an organisation. This ensures a smoother operational transition and reduces the disruption that can be caused by implementing new software solutions. Intercede can provide support and guidance on integration processes to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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