Trust takes time to build, a moment to lose and forever to repair.

MyID ensures that users are who they claim to be, facilitating security, compliancy and business continuity. Or as we call it: Digital Trust.

PSD2 compliance for banking and finance is here

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The solution for US Federal Agency credential management

MyID is a FIPS-201 compliant solution for the issuance and lifecycle management of US Federal Agency personal identity verification (PIV) credentials

Who we help

Intercede has been providing solutions to real-life cybersecurity problems faced by governments, enterprises and organizations worldwide for 20 years.



Provide secure, user-friendly access to secure systems and networks for your employees and protect your organisation against data breach.

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Establish and maintain trusted digital identities for your workforce and citizens to manage access to networks, information and facilities.

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Remove passwords and improve user experience for your customers with low cost, highly secure and scalable mobile authentication.

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