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Digital trust

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Derived credential management for your mobile devices.

Secure. Convenient. FIPS 201-2 compliant.

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MyID is a complete identity and credential management software system.

Built by Intercede’s team of secure identity and credential experts, MyID is a software platform that enables any organization to create and use trusted digital identities for employees, citizens and machines.

Leveraging the latest mobile technology, MyID ensures secure identity can be used anywhere.

By issuing trusted credentials that are bound to a proven identity, organizations can be sure that the right people and devices are accessing their information, network, buildings and intellectual property, an essential element of cybersecurity today.

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Who uses MyID?


Governments and federal agencies globally trust Intercede’s MyID for their identity and credential management requirements, for employees, contractors and citizens.

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Companies worldwide in sectors including aerospace and defense, finance and telecoms recognize the value and importance of secure, trusted identity delivered by MyID.

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Mobile developers

Mobile developers can use the MyID SDK to give mobile applications the ability to make use of credentials stored in a secure element outside the app, including UICC and TEE.

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About Intercede

Intercede specializes in secure digital identity and credential management. The company’s MyID software is trusted globally to protect the networks, facilities and intellectual property of governments, agencies and major enterprise customers.

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