FIDO compliant authentication service with enterprise-ready lifecycle management

FIDO offers crypto-based, high security phishing-resistant authentication with a simple user experience. But with FIDO being based on a ‘one key for each relying party’ mechanism it works well for business to consumer relationships, where a user needs access to one system – but enterprises typically want greater control, where employees need to access multiple resources such as Office 365, CRM, ERP, remote access and countless other with a single managed credential that the organisation is in control of.

With FIDO now managed by the MyID credential management system (CMS), and available as an authentication option in MyID MFA enterprises can benefit from enhanced control:

  • Policy control over who can issue and who can receive FIDO credentials
  • Visibility on which employees have active FIDO credentials
  • Control on what employees are able to use their FIDO credential to access
  • Lifecycle management capability, providing a single point to revoke, replace, and set policies for end user FIDO credentials
Capability FIDO  FIDO & MyID 
Authentication server
Attestation check
Person / key binding
Issuance policy
Centralised audit


MyID offers FIDO Authentication with the credential management and integration capabilities of the MyID platform.

The evolution of MyID CMS, to offer FIDO alongside PKI-based authentication brings greater flexibility for enterprises to combine policy driven PKI issuance with FIDO credentials on the either the same or separate devices.

FIDO support in MyID MFA means organizations can easily FIDO-enable cloud and on-prem applications in addition to protecting the Windows Desktop logon. 


MyID CMS and MFA supports a wide range of standards-based FIDO devices, including, iOS and Android mobile devices, smart cards, and security keys from AuthenTrend, Feitian, GoTrust, Identiv, Solokeys, Thales and YubiKey.

Uniquely, the MyID product family provides management over multiple authentication technologies and form factors, enabling organisations to mix and match technologies that best fit their needs and required levels for security.

For example, an organisation could use:

  • PKI-based USB tokens for its remote workers
  • PKI-based smart cards for its finance staff, including signed and encrypted email
  • Virtual smart cards for temporary workers
  • FIDO security keys for the supply chain and contractors

The MyID CMS can provide unified credential management for all of these from one single point controlling policy, visibility and lifecycle management independent of the technology in use.

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