NEC Software Solutions UK use MyID® mobile digital identity software as a key solution component to enhance trust, confidence and transparency in public services 

The importance of identity verification cannot be overstated. This is particularly crucial when it comes to law enforcement and the trust that is required between law enforcement officers and the public. 

Intercede, in conjunction with NEC, is committed to transforming the way identity verification functions in law enforcement interactions with the public. We hope that through our endeavours, trust between the public and police forces can be simplified and consistently maintained, ensuring smoother interactions and delivering operational efficiency.

How do we build trust between the public and officers in a digital era? 

The solution lies in advanced Identity verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Identity Verification?

A secure and simple mechanism for an individual to verify another person is who they claim to be, in this case a citizen validating the identity of a police officer

How does it work?

When a law enforcement office arrives at a location, they show their identity via an app on their mobile device, displaying a digital version of their warrant card. This app generates a unique QR code that can easily be scanned by any member of the public via their own mobile device. This triggers an exchange and validation of cryptographically signed information which is used to verify that the presented identity is valid and current.

For extra security, a PIN number can also be generated. This can be crossed checked on the police force’s website.

How does Identity Verification benefit my force?

By increasing the speed by which an officer's identity can be verified, means that the officer, can quickly get on with the reason for their visit.

Helps to build trust between citizens and police officers

Reassures the public by providing a clear and transparent verification method.

Suspicion and apprehension are minimised.

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