NIST 800-63B 

Fortifying End-User Password Defences: Implementing NIST 800-63B Recommendations

The evolving landscape of cyber threats demands ever-stronger user authentication measures. Recognizing this, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) established NIST Special Publication 800-63B: a comprehensive set of best practices for digital identity and lifecycle management, including crucial insights for bolstering password security.  

MyID PSM and NIST compliance 

MyID PSM goes beyond mere compliance, enhancing user experience through features such as password self-service which vastly reduces help desk costs for an organisation in changing passwords. As an organisation, implementing MyID PSM empowers you to achieve the perfect balance between robust security and user convenience. By adopting these NIST-recommended practices and leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of MyID PSM, organisations can significantly strengthen their employees password defences, ultimately mitigating some of the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.  

Leveraging MyID PSM for Seamless Compliance:

MyID Password Security Manager (MyID PSM) empowers organizations to effortlessly implement and manage these NIST-recommended measures. MyID PSM's robust features directly address each guideline:  

  • Breached Password List Integration: Real-time verification against constantly updated breached password lists.
  • Dynamic Dictionary Engine: Context-aware lexicon that proactively adapts to evolving attack patterns.
  • Password History Enforcement: Customizable minimum password history settings to eliminate sequential iterations.
  • Customizable Password Policy Engine: Granular control over permitted and prohibited characters, patterns, and dictionaries.
  • Minimum Password Length Enforcement: Seamless implementation of longer password requirements.

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