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A US diversified energy company, supplying millions of customers with electric utility and natural gas utility, required a solution that would secure their workforce’s access into their corporate systems and facilities.

With 12,000 employees geographically spread, the organisation required a solution that would ensure only the right people had access to highly secure environments, including a nuclear power plant, and IT systems and resources across the corporate network.

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As a large European bank with more than 12,000 employees requiring secure access into corporate systems and networks, the bank needed a robust authentication solution that could be deployed across a geographically spread workforce but managed centrally. 

To mitigate against the threat of data breach, cryptographic authentication using public key infrastructure (PKI), was the chosen method as this offered the optimum two-factor authentication (2FA) security required.

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A leading US-based information and technology-enabled health services provider, serving 127 million people across 50 states required a manageable strong authentication solution for its 160,000 employees to securely authenticate.

The health services provider, found in 4 out of 5 U.S. hospitals, serves multiple federal agencies, state Medicaid, Health and Human Services agencies, as well as employers and life science organisations.

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