Smart cards provide a portable, highly secure method for workforce identity; whether for physical access into secure facilities or accessing technology and secure networks, they are the size of a credit card and often worn on a lanyard as a physical ID badge.

Using an integrated circuit chip to protect the keys used in PKI-based credentials, smart cards are highly tamper resistant and can be used with smart card readers e.g. for network access, and contactless interfaces e.g. for building access.


Maximum cyber security

Cryptographically protected PKI smart cards are highly tamper resistant. With MyID organisations have a best practice means of enabling employees to do their job while flowing securely through the facilities and networks where they need to go.

Simple integration

MyID integrates with all the required components of a smart card based identity solution, including certificate authorities, LDAP directories, hardware security modules, smart cards and middleware, smart card printers and identity management systems.

Easy management

Benefit from one software solution for IT operators to issue and manage the lifecycle of smart cards at a scale running into the millions if necessary.


The MyID platform has been established as the best practice credential management solution for more than 20 years and can be found at the core of many long-standing smart card systems worldwide.


Know you have a continually evolving platform that will enable you to evolve your smart card solution and work with the technologies you choose.

Cost saving

From the ease of integration across existing infrastructure and devices, to the reduction in IT resource involvement and threat of data breach, MyID reduces cost for smart card programmes.

MyID works with leading smart card vendors


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Trusted by Governments and Large Enterprises Worldwide

Where protecting systems and information really matters, you will find MyID.  Whether its citizen data, aerospace and defence systems, high-value financial transactions, intellectual property or air traffic control, we are proud that many leading organisations around the world choose MyID to protect themselves against data breach and ensure business continuity.