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From Passwords to PKI

Securing your workforce and protecting your systems from cyberattack is something that most enterprises have implemented to some degree. Whether it is password entry to a system, or stronger authentication with a hardware token generating one-time passwords or a PKI smart card.

Securing access to your systems and protecting your data is fundamental to running a successful organisation and keeping cyber criminals at bay.

Our authentication pyramid can give you a good idea of which level of authentication is right for you.

At the base of the pyramid, you have the simplest form authentication – passwords, and as you rise up the pyramid each layer becomes stronger than the one below, adding additional levels of security such as further factors (e.g., something you have, such as a mobile phone or smart card, or something you are e.g., a fingerprint or face ID) or use of cryptography. With hardware-backed, cryptography based, person bound PKI at the top of the pyramid giving the highest level of security and phishing resistance.

There is no one size fits all. If you are part of a government agency in the US or a supplier to US government, you may need to ensure you implement FIDO or PKI based identities compliant with government standards using a solution such as MyID®.

However, most enterprises do not need this level of strong authentication, and now Intercede can help you secure your data and systems with several options, enabling you to choose the level of security that best fits your level of risk and environment

Our Password Security Management system (PSM) is perfect if you use passwords to authenticate into your systems. With a password policy in place, you can be assured that your employees use passwords that are not known to be compromised and meet your organisation’s security and password complexity rules.

Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution simplifies users’ login experience. Providing an easy to deploy solution with multi-token and token-less, password replacement, and single-sign-on for both on premise and cloud applications. Importantly using a phone as a security token can increase security without introducing the cost of additional hardware.

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