This pattern-based authentication uses a secret user-generated shape or pattern to generate a One Time Code. Every time you log in, the pattern remains the same but a new code is generated. 


This challenges users to provide random characters from a memorable phrase previously provided by the user. Popular with retail banks, this is classed as ‘memorable information’ authentication.


This provides One Time Pins as a simple-to-use OATH-compliant 2FA. A guaranteed 100% security solution for the on-the-go without the cost and complexity of hardware token OATH or OTP solutions.


The Authlogics Authenticator Mobile App integrates with device biometrics to provide face and fingerprint authentication. This can be centrally enabled via policy and is available on all major app stores.

USB Hardware Token

When a physical token is required, Yubikey can be configured as part of the MFA process, as a password replacement option, or a combination of both.

SMS & Email

PINgrid, PINphrase, and PINpass codes have the capability to be delivered via SMS and email given this is a very common MFA method for organisations.

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