Don't let someone else's data breach endanger your security

Your organization's security is only as strong as your weakest password!

A data breach can be devastating for any business, causing irreparable damage to customer relationships and brand reputation. 

It is essential to identify weaknesses and reduce the risk of a data breach, but it can be daunting to know where to start. That’s where Intercede can help.

Our Password Security Management solutions (PSM) ​ are designed to identify employees using weak or compromised passwords. We provide password protection by cross checking passwords used against the Password Breach Database which holds 5 billion records.

We also provide tools to encourage password hygiene such as those that encourage your employees to choose stronger passwords and to stop re-using old ones.

Our audit tool will help you to find out:

  • Who within your organization has compromised credentials
  • People reusing their network passwords on other websites
  • Which of your end users are sharing passwords across multiple accounts
  • Breakdown of login activity per user.

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    If you are serious about protecting your organization from the risks of a data breach, book your password security audit with us today.

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    Where protecting systems and information really matters, you will find Intercede.  Whether its citizen data, aerospace and defense systems, high-value financial transactions, intellectual property or air traffic control, we are proud that many leading organizations around the world choose Intercede solutions to protect themselves against data breach, comply with regulations and ensure business continuity.