MyID for derived PIV credentials

MyID enables federal government contractors and non-government organizations to replace employee passwords with FIPS-201 compliant PIV credentials: providing the highest levels of security for mobile working and ensuring compliance with US Federal security standards.


Why MyID?

MyID offers a comprehensive identity and card management solution used to assist the United States Federal Government agencies in meeting the requirements in Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). It has been used by Federal Government agencies for over two decades, delivering a complete identity and credential management system that assigns trusted digital identities to government employees and contractors. The rise of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or ‘Choose Your Own Device’ strategies has made issuing password-free, verified digital identities a critical feature of organisational security – MyID offers a secure, user friendly solution that means you can be sure that the people connecting to government resources and facilities are exactly who they claim to be.

MyID delivers PIV across physical identity cards, smart cards as well as on mobile, and acts as a single secure portable credential, effectively allowing the authenticated holder to log on to computers, access buildings and prove their identity as and when required. It is the preferred PIV credential supplier for many federal agencies as, after issuing a trusted digital identity to an employee, it can be used to manage the lifecycle of credentials, for example automatically revoking them if a user leaves the organization, or updating them in advance of them expiring.  These lifecycle activities can be automated, operator led or self-service activities, and are fully customizable and configurable, allowing an organization to choose the best balance of security and convenience.

All credential issuance and lifecycle events are recorded within MyID allowing full visibility of who has active access credentials, and the built-in audit enquiries and reports are often used as part of a compliance audit to show an organization is in control of who can access their systems. 

The Intercede professional services team and our network of partners are highly experienced in configuring MyID to fit your existing business processes, or complying with specific regulatory requirements and standards such as FIPS 201.


How does it work?

The MyID® product is an on-premises software solution that comprises a three-tier server infrastructure (web, database and business object layer) which can easily be scaled from small to very large deployments.

The server provides out of the box connectors to common infrastructure components (e.g. PKI and Directories) and APIs to allow for easy integration as part of a larger identity management ecosystem.

A MyID client connects the server infrastructure to a wide range of client-side security devices, and provides an interface for operators to issue digital identities to employees and citizens.

Self-service app and kiosk interfaces allow end users to perform credential management tasks at their own desktop (e.g. collecting new credentials to an existing device) by following simple guided processes, reducing the operational cost of managing large deployments.

A mobile app and SDK allow digital identities to be securely deployed to mobile devices over the air, and a Mobile SDK allows them to be easily used for apps that do not have their own cryptographic capabilities.

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