How MyID credential management system enables the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to issue and manage millions of digital identities for a workforce that includes air traffic controllers and US Coast Guard

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the federal agency responsible for security in all modes of transportation. A workforce spanning air traffic controllers, dock workers, US Coast Guard and millions of other transportation workers across the US.



self-service kiosks operating MyID for end users to self-serve


smart cards issued per day


month time period from order to live production


TSA were looking to issue a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring access to secure port facilities and vessels.A key driver for TSA was to meet US Government Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) standards, to achieve interoperability with other federal identity access management and implement a best practice workforce digital identity process.Obtaining a Transport Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) smart card must provide biographic and biometric (fingerprint information), sit for a digital photograph and pass a TSA security threat assessment.

How MyID works for TSA

  1. The port worker applying for the card visits one of over 160 distributed enrolment centres where their fingerprints, photographs and data are captured.
  2. The registration system passes registration data to MyID via the lifecycle management API.
  3. MyID takes the registration data and formats it for bureau production.
  4. MyID batches up card requests and passes them to the card personalisation bureau for production.
  5. During this process MyID can be used to enquire on the status of the production requests.
  6. The bureau prints the cards and writes the applets and data to them. The cards are then locked for security purposes.
  7. The card is shipped to an enrolment centre in a batch.
  8. MyID is used to record the delivery of the batch of cards into the enrolment location. This process triggers a notification to the port worker that their card is ready for collection.
  9. The port worker attends the enrolment centre and is handed their card for activation.
  10. The port worker takes their card to a MyID self-service activation kiosk.
  11. As the card is inserted into a reader MyID recognises the card as requiring activation and walks the user through a simple activation process.
  12. During the activation process MyID validates the port worker’s identity via a fingerprint check.
  13. Once validated the card is unlocked and the port worker sets their PIN.
  14. MyID then generates keys and certificate requests on-card.
  15. MyID passes the certificate requests to the certificate authority and retrieves the certificates.
  16. MyID writes the certificates to the card
  17. The process is complete – the card is available for immediate use


Simple integration

Single product managing all identity registration, credential issuance and lifecycle management


Load balanced deployment for high volume throughput


Fully FIPS 201 accredited solution enabling production of PIV compatible credentials


Biometric authentication of TWIC applicants, combined with high security printing with on-card key generation for maximum security


Multi-server deployment for high availability and load balanced deployment for high volume throughput


Simple web-based workflows require minimal operator training and enable end users to self-serve

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How millions of MyID helps US transport workers flow securely using biometric ID verification smart cards for secure, easy access to the buildings and facilities they need to get to.


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