Major US City Council depends on MyID MFA to secure remote access to key resources.

Known as 'The Sunshine City', St Petersburg, Florida covers 61.7 square miles with a population of approximately a quarter of a million people, making it the 5th largest city in Florida.


The city has a growing number of employees that need to access resources on the city network, whilst working away from the office. Although the city implemented a remote access solution and mobile device management, many of the software applications were not available in mobile versions causing problems for those logging on via tablets and smartphones. With increased security risks, the city decided an additional layer of security was needed.


Initially the city was skeptical of MyID's MFA feature ​pattern authentication’s simplicity, however, after thorough testing with zero failures the city were impressed. Having found its 2FA solution, the city invested in user licenses for MyID MFA for the members of staff who are authorized to have remote access. Employees with remote access can use the ​pattern authentication feature thanks to the app being easily downloadable on mobile devices.

The Information Security team will create the employee’s account, triggering an e-mail to be sent to the employee, which includes their initial ​pattern authentication pattern. The entire process takes a matter of minutes. When a user goes to login, before entering their username and password they will be prompted for a One Time Code.

This code is obtained by simply opening the ​pattern authentication app and entering the corresponding digits that appear in their pattern. “​Pattern authentication is absolutely the solution we were looking for but didn’t expect to find. ​Pattern authentication with UAG: Easy, secure, and fast. It works perfectly, is consistent and we have no complaints or problems at all. We are very pleased indeed.” says Brian Campbell, Information Technology Security Officer at the City of St. Petersburg.



MyID MFA provides a variety of authentication methods including passwordless options to protect your organisation from cyber attacks. Ideal for all organisations looking to improve their security posture.


MyID MFA is designed to be easy to use. Users can authenticate using their preferred method, and administrators can easily manage users and devices through the web-based interface.


MyID MFA can be used to protect both cloud-based and on-premise applications, giving you the flexibility to deploy in the environment that best meets your needs.


MyID MFA ​allows you to replace passwords with more secure authentication methods, such as push notifications, biometrics and grid pattern logins. Helps to reduce the risk of password related attacks, such as phishing and brute force.

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In this case study discover ​​why a major US City Council depends on MyID MFA to secure remote access to key resources.


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