Leading world-class educational organization enhances MFA in line with Government’s Vision 2030

KFUPM, situated in Dhahran, KSA, plays an active role in achieving the Government’s Vision 2030 that stresses on the development of a knowledge-based economy and on scientific research which are the core areas of the University.


With there being so many MFA vendors in the market, KFUPM was looking for a solution that would secure their resources and protected them from cybersecurity threats and phishing attacks in particular. Having reviewed and compared the possibilities of using software solutions from Gemalto, LinQ2, Google Authenticator, WSO2 and MS (cloud-based) multi-factor authentication systems, the KFUPM Projects Appraisal Committee were referred to Authlogics.


The Director of the Digital Risk and Information Security department at KFUPM, Yasser Ghaleb Alothman explained their decision to invest. “Pattern authentication stays secure even if the device is hacked as the passcode is based on a dynamic code combined with human knowledge (a pattern or a PIN).” 

MyID MFA is a complete and easy to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication, password replacement, and single sign-on solution for on-premises and Cloud Applications. “Other MFA systems rely on the security of the device through the generation of a One-Time Passcode (OTP), but we couldn’t depend on the mere generation of OTP for older devices. This has been addressed, with the help of pattern authentication technology.” continued Alothman. This technology secures existing passwords as well as provide MFA that does not require a PIN or password at all with their award winning technologies. 



The  rapid deployment has allowed the users to be setup quickly with secure access to KFUPM’s information systems. 


Video tutorials, webinars, downloads and the self-service portal have all provided comprehensive technical support and ease of installation.


KFUPM has already seen from the recent implementation that cyber threats have been resolved therefore creating a positive impact on user productivity.


It delivers NIST compliance, works 100% offline and offers multiple tokens per user while also integrating seamlessly with the Active Directory.

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This Case study looks at how a leading world-class educational organization is using MyID MFA in line with Government ’s Vision 2030.


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