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Faster Transaction Signing with Mobile Authentication and MyID®

Intercede’s MyID® credential management platform has been installed within a global mining corporation to help its employees sign financial transactions, quickly and efficiently.

Previously employees needed access to a desktop computer to validate orders, sign off expenses, or to access accounts information. However, due to the workforce being spread across the world and sometimes in remote locations, it became clear that having to access an office or desktop computer to make these transactions was causing unnecessary delays, reducing efficiency, and providing a poor user experience for employees.

They needed a solution that would solve these issues, while still utilising the security of the corporation’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based multi-factor authentication.
Intercede’s MyID® credential management platform provided the solution to ensure PKI based multi-factor authentication was maintained, but also opened up the option of an improved user experience by using mobile devices to help with transaction signing.

MyID’s solution provided the mining corporation with

  • An improved user experience – no need to find a desktop computer.
  • Smoother business transactions – simple authentication via mobile device.
  • Centrally stored audit log – to easily track the transactions.
  • A faster, more efficient authentication process.
  • Secure system – PKI based strong authentication.
  • System which was easily deployed across the business.

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Find out how Intercede and MyID can help you became more efficient with mobile authentication and secure transaction signing.

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