Secure Digital Identity


MyID allows you to deploy digital identities simply and at scale – providing effective protection against the No.1 cause of data breach MyID® credential management software enables governments and large enterprises to issue and manage digital identities using the most secure method of multi-factor authentication to citizens, large workforces and supply-chains. Today, MyID enables the strong authentication of millions of people to the data, systems and networks they need access to.

PKI Credential Management

Provide maximum protection for systems and networks by deploying PKI credentials to users simply, securely and at scale.

  • Choose the technology that best fits the business need – smart cards, USB tokens, virtual smart cards, apps, mobile and mobile device management systems (MDM)
  • PKI and device independent, providing future flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-In
  • Extensive operator, help desk and self service features improving the user experience and reducing operational costs
  • Proven secure solution, meeting standards such as US FIPS 201 / PIV
  • Flexible and highly configurable system, enabling deployment in complex business environments
  • One system to manage FIDO, PKI credentials and mobile ID providing flexibility and future proofing

FIDO credential management

Protect corporate resources against the number one cause of data breach with enterprise-ready passwordless authentication.

  • FIDO2 certified, providing simpler, stronger standards-based authentication
  • Define and enforce issuance and usage policies, giving organisations the control they need
  • Deploy FIDO at scale with MyID issuance, self-service and lifecycle management
  • Easily integrate into existing applications with standards based APIs and connectors
  • One system to manage FIDO, PKI credentials and mobile ID providing flexibility and future proofing

Digital ID Registration and Identity Proofing

Capture data and verify user identities prior to credential issuance.

  • Configurable biographic data capture
  • Photo capture including compliance checks
  • Facial biometric generation
  • Document scanning

Mobile Authentication & Transaction Signing

Securely authenticate to systems and authorise business transactions from any mobile device.

  • Strong PKI-based authentication from a mobile app combining high security with ease of use
  • Digitally signed authorisation of high value or security sensitive business operations
  • Supports PIN, fingerprint and face verification for maximum user convenience
  • REST APIs for simple integration with in-house applications
  • Microsoft ADFS adaptor for plug-and-play integration with Microsoft environments

Manage the threat of unauthorised access and data breach

Faced with ever increasing threats of cyber terrorism, identity fraud and crime, MyID® provides a cyber secure credential management software solution.

  • Issue and manage PKI and FIDO credentials at large scale
  • Adopt the strongest form of multi-factor authentication
  • Minimise the threat of data breach and unauthorised access
  • Credential management software that will integrate within your existing IT ecosystem
  • Securely authenticate to systems and authorise business transactions from any mobile device
  • Capture data and verify user identity prior to credential issuance

Trusted by government and large enterprises, worldwide

Where data really matters, you will find MyID. The security, reliability and interoperability of MyID software sets it apart and is why we are proud to help many leading organisations around the world manage the secure digital identities they issue, whether that's governments managing citizen ID or enterprises managing employee, contractor and supplier IDs.

World-class partners

We partner major hardware, software, chip and cybersecurity solutions providers around the world. Partnerships with a shared focus on enhancing cybersecurity through secure digital identity issuance and lifecycle management.

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