Winners Again!

Authlogics are celebrating for the second year running being awarded “Best Password Compliance Specialist 2020” at the AI CyberSecurity Awards.

Authlogics provides customers with unique solutions that help them transition from weak and vulnerable passwords to always compliant and unique ones. Our Password Security Management (PSM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) suite provides a comprehensive suite of tools allowing IT managers to strengthen and improve their overall security posture as well as enhancing the End User’s experience with the provision of a simple, memorable and secure login.

Journey to Success

The Authlogics journey “Comply – Secure – Replace” helps transition to a completely passwordless authentication process.


Simplifying complicated password policies and significantly improving password security while ensuring your Active Directory policy is safe and compliant with GDPR, PSD2, NYDFS, and all other compliance requirements.


Real-time prevention and cure can be provided with Authlogics Password Security Management as our Authentication Server provides strong, modern logon security in any scenario. The server allows you to connect your AD to the Authlogics Password Breach Database ​and ensure each AD password change complies with NIST SP 800-63B​, plus many more benefiting attributes.


Our Authentication Suite provides a password-less login experience that doesn’t require expensive biometrics or dedicated hardware, while still ensuring a robust security model.  Alternative knowledge factors are available as well as a secure Password Vault for Active Directory password replay Single Sign-On.

In summation, the Password Security Management prevents breached passwords from entering your organisation and ensures ongoing NIST SP 800-63B password compliance via real-time and scheduled monitoring and remediation. PSM also prevents password sharing and provides user self-service password reset by way of a web portal while the MFA solution includes 5 technologies including the patented PINgrid, PINpass, PINphrase, YubiKey and biometric factors that produce pioneering deviceless OTP technology for both on-premise and offline authentication.

AI Cyber Security Awards

As the Cyber Security Awards recognise that few industries move as swiftly as cybersecurity and as such, innovation and creativity are key to success for any company operating in this sector. Awards Coordinator Edward Faulkner commented “Acquisition International Magazine is proud to be able to showcase the selection of the best of the best from across the industry. I would like to take this opportunity to offer everyone my sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

Authlogics Winner

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Private and public sector organisations around the world are benefiting from Authlogics solutions, to ensure online accounts are operated with compliant passwords that have not been breached while providing a clearly defined path to a passwordless future.

Our vision of replacing passwords has already proven to increase employee productivity, reduce helpdesk costs, save time and secure critical company apps, devices and data.  If you feel your company could benefit from our solutions, please get in touch with our team to find out more about Authlogics PSM and MFA or alternatively read about our solutions on our website.

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