Manage the flow of employees, citizens and suppy-chains with secure digital identity

MyID® software enables US federal agencies and large enterprises to issue and manage digital identities using the most secure method of multi-factor authentication to citizens, large workforces and supply-chains. Securing the flow of millions of people to the data, systems and networks they need access to, MyID provides easy integration and control over digital identity issuance and management for organizations and seamless, secure access for citizens and employees.


Faced with ever increasing threats of cyber terrorism, identity fraud and crime, MyID® provides a cyber secure solution.

  • Issue and manage PKI credentials at large scale
  • Adopt the strongest form of multi-factor authentication
  • Minimize the threat of data breach and unauthorized access
  • Get a CMS that will integrate within your existing IT ecosystem
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We partner with major hardware, software, chip and cybersecurity solutions providers around the world. Partnerships with a shared focus on enhancing cybersecurity through secure digital identity issuance and lifecycle management.

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