Intercede update on Coronavirus

Update on Coronavirus

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic affects us all, we have continued to take action to minimise the disruption to our customers whilst safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the Intercede team, their families and the extended communities in which we operate.

With that in mind, we feel it is important to let you know how we intend to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic.


As a global business, we have monitored the impact of Covid-19 since the virus first emerged in January. From January we stopped all travel to virus hotspots before limiting and then cancelling all international travel.

Our UK and US offices have remained open throughout, however we are now encouraging Intercede employees to work from home.

As a business we have successfully tested our capabilities to support universal remote working and all members of staff have the technology and secure VPN connectivity they need to maintain business continuity.

How we are working with customers

We have cancelled all travel between Intercede offices and to customers and partners. Over the last four weeks face to face meetings have increasingly been substituted for video and telephone conference meetings. We will continue with this practice until further notice.

All Intercede functions, including but not limited to, software development, support & maintenance, and professional services will continue to provide the support our customers and partners need.

How this is impacting our business

At Intercede we, along with all of our customers and partners, are having to adjust to a new ‘business as usual’.

Our business continuity plan has ensured that we have all of the necessary resources and capabilities to operate remotely and we will continue to work with our customers to help them meet the challenges faced by the coronavirus pandemic over the coming weeks and months.

Our executive management team will continue to meet on a daily basis to review the situation and as a business we will ensure all key stakeholders are made aware of any future steps we intend to take.

The health and wellbeing of Intercede employees, customers, partners and stakeholders remain paramount as we adapt to the challenges of the current pandemic and we will ensure that everything is done to work together in a safe, productive way.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards

Klaas van der Leest


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