Password Day

This should be the last World Password Day!

You’re back in the stadium watching your favourite football team play, the crowds are going wild and your team is winning. Look again at the number of people present (when stadiums are back to full capacity) and imagine each one of those fans had the same password – football.

Football fans around the world are so passionate about their sport that 353,993 of them had ‘football’ as a password.  With over 1 billion unique clear text passwords and over 2 billion compromised credentials in the Password Breach Database, we also discovered the top teams included:

Liverpool (215,842 entries)

Chelsea (172,727 entries)

Arsenal (151,936 entries)

Barcelona (131,090 entries) 

Password Statistic Football

Passwords are problematic

Our world is becoming more and more of a virtual reality, with each of us using more online services, working remotely, and owning multiple devices and gadgets to accommodate our thirst for technology.  But with all accounts and applications, the majority have one thing in common – a login that requires a username and a password.

Passwords, when used in their correct manner, serve the purpose for what they were created for, but nowadays with people having an average of over 100 online accounts to manage for both personal and business, these passwords are the weak link as they become harder to manage and remember!

Looking further in our Password Breach Database we discovered that password habits have not changed. People are still using very predictable and easily hackable passwords:

123456 (21,214,401 entries)

123456789 (11,981,110 entries)

qwerty (9,280,998 entries)

12345 (8,262,533 entries)

password (7,010,018 entries)

qwerty123 (4,719,207 entries)

1q2w3e (4,451,787 entries)

DEFAULT (3,759,050 entries)

12345678 (3,697,722 entries)

111111 (2,882,910 entries)

Businesses have enforced users to strengthen their passwords and adhere to strict password policy requirements. But in reality old habits die hard and users find ways to shortcut the system, share passwords and continue to saturate their IT helpdesks time with password-related calls.

So imagine eradicating the burden of having to remember all those passwords? Back in 2004, Bill Gates stated that over time people would rely less and less on passwords. Life could become more simple by going passwordless.

Password Post-It Notes

How do you say goodbye to the password?

Replace it with a pattern – it’s that easy, and easier to remember!  No need for traditional passwords and their long list of complex requirements, simply change to PINgrid authentication technology within your existing applications.  PINgrid uses our mind’s ability to remember a pattern or shape, and turn this into a robust, simple-to-use logon technology. With secure access to internal and Cloud-based applications via Single Sign-On (SSO), and even logging onto Windows.

PINgrid is part of the Multi-Factor Authentication technology suite from Authlogics which is easy to install and can be quickly rolled out for corporations wishing to secure or move away from passwords.  Available with the Authlogics Authenticator Mobile App, it provides passwordless and deviceless OTP, including proving who you are over the phone which is ideal for helpdesks when cybercrime is on the rise

Celebrate World Password Day the passwordless way and know your identity is safe when watching your favourite football team score that winning goal!

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