Step into the future with Passwordless Authentication for Active Directory

The future of passwords is under the spotlight at present. The discussion to remove and replace them with alternative authentication methods is being addressed in many virtual boardrooms around the world with the need to migrate towards passwordless authentication.

As password-related breaches become more common (SolarWinds and Cit0Day) and bigger (COMB), it is becoming more conducive for organisations to embrace a passwordless environment to improve operational procedures that are of great business value.  It’s been proven (by the cybercriminals) that humans are not inventive enough to come up with different passwords:

The most commonly used passwords are ‘password’, ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’, and ‘abc123’.

Microsoft discovered 44 million of its users used the same password on multiple accounts.*

80% of data breaches are related to compromised credentials.**

But it’s not just the end-user that is to blame, those that should know better and be promoting good IT practice are also at fault:

IT professionals had the worst ‘password management’ practices and even admitted to relying on sticky notes to ‘manage’ company passwords.***

This is why:

55% of users would prefer an alternative to passwords that are user-friendly and have increased security factors.***

So let’s bring to the table the ability to remove passwords and provide multiple authentication options for organisations, therefore introducing Authlogics Passwordless Authentication.

Authlogics have been advocates of this since 2015 offering robust and secure passwordless MFA  and deviceless authentication that has been proven to be extremely valuable and cost-effective for business worldwide.  The technology integrates seamlessly with Azure, Microsoft/Office 365, Active Directory, and all Windows Desktop/Server versions providing the end-user with a simple and secure login experience supporting both on-prem and cloud applications.

How does it work?

It is as easy as 1,2,3 to verify your identity in seconds. Authlogics has multiple authentication options available for 1, 2 or 3 Factor authentication which do NOT require a password.

Imagine having to only remember a pattern/shape which would give only you access to all your applications thanks to integrated Single Sign-On. Sound simple? It is! Authlogics have created PINgrid that defies all mathematical odds against cracking it as one of its passwordless authentication technologies available. Want to stick to more traditional authentication methods? Look no further, as Authlogics have a suite of different technologies that can offer modern, effective MFA combinations that include biometrics, security questions, and multiple tokens.

Set your users free

Removing the password gives the end-user the ability to manage their own accounts which reduces helpdesk call volumes and costs. Did you know that the most common helpdesk request is to reset passwords (over 50% of calls) at an average cost of $70 per reset? The Self-Service portal allows the user to enroll themselves and benefit from resetting their own Active Directory accounts offering a faster and more streamlined experience.

No need to remember passwords or waiting for helpdesks to call you back, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Why choose Authlogics?

Recently, Microsoft manager, Alex Weinert stated “Based on our studies, your account is more than 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use MFA.”  However, Microsoft is only at the beginning of their passwordless authentication journey and has not yet been able to simplify the Windows Hello for Business login process when incorporating MFA. Whilst Duo is well established within the MFA market but has not yet achieved the end goal of being passwordless as their login process depends on a password as the 1st factor.

As an Identity Management and password replacement solution, Authlogics offers multiple authentication technologies with businesses benefiting from:

  • Authlogics Authenticator App with biometric support
  • Passwordless MFA for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft/Office 365
  • Passwordless Azure administrator access, Mobile device sync, Outlook client connectivity, and browser access to OWA or SharePoint
  • Passwordless Windows Desktop Logon, including 100% offline scenarios (for Windows 7 and higher) without the complexity and limitations of Windows Hello for Business
  • Passwordless for on-prem Exchange OWA and Admin
  • Single Sign-On and Federation with other cloud app providers via SAML 2.0 and more
  • Self Service portal for device management with AD password reset and OTP security
  • Web API automation capability
  • Multiple Authentication Technologies

Be Bold, Be Brave, Go Passwordless!

Life is complicated enough, simplify your login and save you and your business time and money. Who needs passwords anyway?  They were always the weak link in a data breach – give the cybercriminals the challenge of discovering your credentials without a password!

Authlogics can guide you through the process of going passwordless.

Statistic Sources:

* Microsoft Security: Password Problem Affecting 44 Million Users Revealed (

** Verizon Data Breach Study 2020

*** The 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviours Report” conducted by Ponemon Institute

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