MyID® CMS provides the credential management system capabilities that governments and enterprises require to issue and manage USB tokens for hardware-based PKI authentication at scale.

USB security tokens provide an alternative form factor to a traditional smart card, and offer a portable, secure means of hardware-based authentication for governments and enterprises to prevent unauthorized access and account takeovers.

Issuing and managing the lifecycle of credentials on thousands of employees’ USB tokens presents a complex and resource draining demand on organizations. MyID credential management makes this simple; from integration into existing infrastructure, to ongoing management and operation. 

MyID provides full audit and reporting capabilities allowing visibility of who issued which digital identities to which users and on what device, ensuring organizations remain in control of who can access their systems and enabling them to demonstrate compliance with best practice security standards.

MyID for secure, efficient and reliable issuance and management of USB tokens for governments, military and large enterprises


Systems administrators use MyID to configure their certificate and device issuance policies, ensuring the right people receive the right digital identities.  Built to integrate with infrastructure such as certificate authorities, directories and identity management solutions, MyID minimises any impact on the existing environment; reducing deployment times and operational costs.


Maximum cyber security

MyID makes the multi-factor hardware-based authentication of USB tokens manageable for deployment across large scale workforces

Simple integration

Out-the-box connectors to certificate authorities (CA), middleware, LDAP directories, hardware security modules (HSM), identity management systems (IDMS), and USB tokens for a plug-and-play level of integration

Easy management

Benefit from one software solution for operators to issue and manage the lifecycle of USB tokens combined with friendly self-service for end users to collect and update digital identities to their USB token themselves


MyID platform has been established as the best practice credential management solution for more than 20 years and is actively protecting access to sensitive data and systems with USB tokens for large organizations, worldwide


Know you have a continually evolving platform that will enable you to evolve your USB token solution and work with the technologies you choose

Cost saving

From the ease of integration across existing infrastructure and devices, to the reduction in the need for skilled IT resources, MyID CMS keeps the total cost of ownership of a USB deployment down. By providing effective protection against data breach, MyID CMS can reduce the likelihood of fines and the cost of cybersecurity insurance.

MyID works with leading USB token hardware


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