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MyID MFA's built-in Identity Provider (IDP) isn't just a replacement for ADFS; it's a game-changer for secure and smooth Single Sign-On (SSO). Here's how:

IDP Powerhouse: MyID MFA's IDP becomes the central authority for user authentication. Say goodbye to managing user logins across multiple applications – a single set of strong credentials unlocks access everywhere. 

Unified Access: Imagine this: employees seamlessly logging into all business apps (cloud or on-premises) with one strong credential, regardless of device or location. MyID MFA's IDP makes it a reality.

Federated Identity Unity: Combine the IDP with MyID MFA's robust Federated Identity features to truly shine. Grant access to external applications like Salesforce or Slack without users needing separate accounts. 

Security Redefined: IDP strengthens your security posture by:

  • Centralized Control:  Manage user access policies and permissions from one place, ensuring consistency and minimizing security gaps.
  • MFA Everywhere: Enforce multi-factor authentication for all applications, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced Adaptive Authentication: Tailor access based on risk factors, user roles, and specific applications for unparalleled granularity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is means for IT Teams?

Via standard federation protocols such as OpenID Connect and SAML, MyID MFA can provide identity and authentication services to multiple 3rd party applications, enabling IT teams to centrally manage strong authentication.

Move on from ADFS – providing an alternative to ADFS, MyID MFA can modernize access control for organisations looking for a secure and easy to deploy alternative to Active Directory Federation Services for both cloud and on-premise applications

Bring your own credentials! – by supporting both inbound and outbound federation, the MyID IDP can enable organizations with existing credentials (such as Microsoft or Google) to be used to access MyID MFA protected applications. For those in a country with Government issued credentials, MyID MFA can be configured to support use of nationally issued credentials to access locally protected IT applications.

What is means for End Users?

One simple means of strong authentication for accessing multiple applications.  A common and secure authentication experience across multiple applications makes users lives easier.

Self-help – easy to use self-service features allow users to get up and running again quickly maintaining their high degrees of service and system access.

What is means for Organizations?

Easily add stronger authentication to cloud and on-premise applications as well as Windows Desktop logon, providing effective protection against the number one cause of data breach – compromised user credentials

Choose from the widest range of authenticators available, enabling organizations to pick the best balance of security and cost that fits their needs, ranging from OTP over SMS, through App based OTP, push notifications, syncable FIDO passkeys on mobile devices all the way up to high security phishing-resistant device bound FIDO passkeys on dedicated hardware devices.

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