The MyID product family enables mobile devices to be used for strong authentication across a range wide range of authentication technologies.

MyID MFA support use of mobile devices for authentication via:

  • Sending OTP message over SMS
  • Generating OTP codes via an App
  • Push notification, including MFA fatigue protection and context based information
  • Use of a Mobile device as a syncable FIDO passkey for phishing-resistant authentication

MyID CMS support use of mobile devices for authentication via:

  • PKI based authentication for those requiring certificate based authentication or transaction signing

MyID turns your workforce’s mobile phones into strong authentication devices, enabling passwordless multi-factor authentication for end users into cloud resources, corporate systems and networks through touch ID, facial biometric or a PIN.

Simple to deploy, MyID plugs into existing environments, and provides all of the management necessary for IT teams to control access policies, issue, and manage the lifecycle of end user credentials on mobile -devices.



Optimum security

Replace passwords with secure digital credentials and remove the greatest threat of data breach compromised passwords.

Cost effective deployment

Reduce hardware cost by using end users’ smartphones in place of dedicated security devices such as smart cards.

Simple to deploy

Use of easy to deploy and use apps, combined with self-service enable users to get up and running quickly.

Excellent user experience

Using the familiar mobile PIN, Touch ID and Face ID interface makes the authentication process simple for end users, increasing user adoption and minimizing help desk demand.

Full management capability

With MyID IT teams have the software to issue and manage the lifecycle of user credentials, including issuance policy control, auditing and reporting.

Flexible integration

Add strong mobile authentication to cloud, on-premise and Windows Desktop logon by use of standard authentication and federation protocols.

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