MyID® credential management enables military and police to issue and manage secure digital identities to protect user access to software, data, systems and buildings for cyber secure operations

Military and police are the bedrock of national security and so represent a significant target to state-sponsored, organised crime, activist and terrorist cyber attacks.Weak personnel credentials, such as passwords and one-time-passwords via SMS represent a weak link in the cyber security armour and an easy route in for hackers.

Evolving digital identity from passwords to more secure methods of user authentication is essential to safeguard sensitive data and systems from data breach and cyber attack.

MyID® hands military and police the digital identity control they need to safeguard data, systems, networks and buildings from unauthorised access.

Remove the threat of weak and stolen passwords by embedding the strongest form of two-factor authentication.



Number of data breaches in 2023.

(It Governance, 2023)


surnames and initials of police employees were exposed in August 2023.

(BBC, 2023)


Number of breached records in 2023.

(It Governance, 2023)

MyID credential management for secure military and police personnel identity

MyID® software enables military and police to issue and manage cryptographically protected digital identities across large numbers of employees using public key infrastructure (PKI) for the most secure method of multi-factor authentication.

Trusted by police and military worldwide, MyID reduces the threat of data breach by removing weak user credentials from the equation. This means governments, military and police can be certain that personnel attempting to access secure networks, systems and data are who they claim to be.

Security enhanced user access that still enables a seamless experience for personnel to get to the information they need in their role, and with the technology they already use.


Maximum data breach protection

Remove passwords – the primary cause of data breach and build user access around cryptographically protected multi-factor authentication

Simple integration

Simplify the integration of existing IT with PKI infrastructure for minimal disruption

Easy management

Benefit from one software solution for operators to issue and manage thousands of workforce digital identities


MyID is a CMS platform that has been in operation for many of the world’s most security conscious enterprises for more than 20 years


As cybercrime, hacking, phishing and malware attacks become more advanced, futureproof processes against the growing threat with a robust digital identity system. MyID integration also means your CMS adapts as the devices and technologies your employees use change

Cost saving

From the simplicity and ease of integration across existing infrastructure and devices, to the reduction in IT resource involvement thanks to enabling employees to self-serve, MyID CMS adds value to military and police cyber security protection

Trusted by Governments and Enterprises Worldwide

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