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Any solution that is involved in securing access to sensitive data and resources should be treated as mission critical and as such needs to be reliable.

We've been supporting customers for over twenty years, with MyID successfully deployed to issue millions of digital identities by governments, aerospace and defense suppliers, banks and major corporations.

  • Our solutions have been tested and deployed in multiple customer environments. With MyID you are minimizing risks and relying on a solution proven in the real world. 
  • We employ one of the largest teams of digital identity experts in the world, with over twenty years’ experience of supporting major deployments.
  • MyID has been proven at scale to issue millions of digital identities, for employees, citizens and consumers.
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MyID Overview

Discover how MyID’s highly flexible and customizable identity and authentication solutions enable trust for enterprises, governments, customers and employees

  • Enterprise grade credential management systems that enable organizations to replace passwords with trusted digital identities.
  • Choose from cloud-based or on-premise.
  • Highly customizable, feature rich authentication trusted by high profile organisations around the world.
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