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MyID is designed to be easy to use, by both operators and end users.

Ensuring that a security solution is easy to use increases the speed of deployment and reduces the day to day operations cost.

  • MyID provides simple self-service options that allow end users to collect or update digital identities themselves.
  • MyID's intuitive mobile provisioning capabilities enable large scale deployments with minimal end user training.
  • MyID solutions provide ways of automating processes, whether this be an API driven on-premise deployment or via a cloud services bridge.
  • Use of fingerprint technology on mobile devices, such as Apple's Touch ID, means that end users have a highly convenient and familiar experience.
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MyID Overview

Discover how MyID's highly flexible and customizable identity and authentication solutions enable trust for enterprises, governments, customers and employees

  • Enterprise grade credential management systems that enable organizations to replace passwords with trusted digital identities.
  • Choose from cloud-based or on-premise.
  • Highly customizable, feature rich authentication trusted by high profile organisations around the world.
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