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MyID solutions are designed to work with what you already have, minimizing impact on your existing environment.

A range of out-of-the-box connectors provide a plug-and-play level of integration, with many commonly available components. A range of APIs allows for integration with in-house systems.

  • Connectors allow for a wide range of peripherals such as smart cards, card printers, hardware security modules and chipsets for virtual smart cards.
  • MyID solutions can retrieve user data from your directory via a connector, avoiding the need for rekeying.
  • Identity management systems (IDMS) can easily automate MyID product operations via the lifecycle API.
  • MyID service solutions provide a PKI for you, but if you wish to integrate our MyID product with your existing certificate authority our range of PKI connectors make this simple.
  • All MyID solutions can deliver digital identities to mobile devices. Where integration into existing apps and services is required our range of Mobile SDKs make this easy.
  • Many mobile device management (MDM) vendors have worked closely with Intercede to integrate our apps or SDKs directly into their products, removing the need for integration.
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MyID Overview

Discover how MyID’s highly flexible and customizable identity and authentication solutions enable trust for enterprises, governments, customers and employees

  • Enterprise grade credential management systems that enable organizations to replace passwords with trusted digital identities.
  • Choose from cloud-based or on-premise.
  • Highly customizable, feature rich authentication trusted by high profile organisations around the world.
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