securing the financial workforce with strong authentication

Securing the financial workforce with strong authentication

In today’s environment the need to provide simple, secure access into corporate systems has never been clearer.

Whether it’s a HR professional needing access into a cloud resource or the requirement for a Finance professional to sign an email. As workforces continue to work remotely, IT leaders are having to quickly mitigate the risk of data breach by enhancing security whilst also not providing blockers that stop colleagues being able to get on with their work.

Removing the Security vs Productivity Paradox

Enhanced organisational IT security is typically seen as being at the expense of productivity and vice versa. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

In a recent fireside discussion with CyberTech’s General Manager Data Protection, Herman Kriel, Intercede Chief Product Officer Allen Storey highlights the simple user experience that organisations can deliver when they deploy strong authentication with the right tools.

Choosing the right tools for a seamless strong authentication solution is, on the face of it, a complex task involving multiple hardware, software, cloud and on-prem solutions but throughout the discussion Herman and Allen cut through the complexities.

Starting with a look into today’s current environment and why strong authentication is a high priority on the list of IT leaders and C Suites alike, the discussion then moves on to provide an overview of the authentication environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the different options available. Finally, the key considerations that IT leaders need to make to arrive at the best solution for their organisation is broken down and Allen highlights the top 3 points that must help any IT leader choose the best option for their organisation.

If you are exploring strong authentication, keen to understand the options available to your organisation and their different advantages and disadvantages or would like to better understand the key considerations you need to make, follow the links below to the series of Securing the Financial Workforce with Strong Authentication videos.

Part 1: The need for strong authentication

Part 2: What is the best authentication method for my organisation?

Part 3: How to deploy strong authentication

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