Reflection & Prediction

No-one could have predicted how 2020 was going to pan out when we welcomed the new year in all those months ago before lockdowns and remote working were part of our daily setup for this year.  Many industries have struggled throughout but the technology sector and in particular cybersecurity have never been so busy (well at least since Y2K!) with the demand for the improvement of IT security policies to encompass staff working from home.  Authlogics have embraced this change of direction and provided Password Security Management and Multi-Factor Authentication solutions across all industry sectors globally.

When lockdowns were initiated as the pandemic surged, Authlogics focused on assisting the healthcare, financial, and government sectors as these became key targets for the cybercriminals.  With the rise of cyberattacks and increased corporation data breaches, our solutions were to hand.  Authlogics end-to-end solution deals with the immediate problem of insecure passwords and bad policies, all the way through to MFA which does not require a password at all. Our Password Security Management (PSM) product gives you everything you need to secure and manage passwords, including user self-service. Whereas our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) product delivers various MFA technologies together with passwordless logins.

As a company, we have adapted to the new ways of remote working and with the versatility of our products, having demonstrated to companies the effectiveness of our simple and secure solutions.  In 2020 we were recognized as Best Password Compliance Specialists for the second year running, we reached out to prospective customers through multiple webinars, sat on panels at virtual conferences, provided online partner workshops, deployed our solutions at a rapid pace including the setup of 80,000 users within a few days and we even took the time to network at a virtual cruise!  All being though, the launch of Version 4.0 took precedence, as we enhanced both the PSM and MFA products offering unique features and functionality.

PSM Benefits included:

  • Detection and prevention of shared passwords
  • Retroactive scanning, alerting and remediation of AD accounts
  • Social media /public account breach matching
  • Public breach data web portal with analytics
  • And many more dynamic features.

MFA technologies have gone from strength to strength with a strong competitive edge that offers deviceless authentication, NIST compliance and a user self-service portal with AD password reset.

2021 will certainly bring unforeseen challenges once 2020 is behind us. During 2020 we have shown that we can quickly adapt to the strange new world, and that will be crucial for 2021 too. We will continue to evolve our products to meet new customer demands, as well as adding new standards such as FIDO.

A key focus for customers has been to further improve the user experience of MFA given the big increase in the number of people working remotely. We are continually looking for better ways to streamline our solution and are heavily focusing on even better user experiences.

We have broadened our customer database, partner selection and raised our profile across the globe.  Being at the technical forefront of the industry, our solutions are very easy and quick to deploy which offers fast results.  Security is at its best when it is not complicated which makes for a better end-user experience.  We stand apart from the rest with fresh thinking.

Authlogics CEO, Steven Hope, explains “We have designed our Authlogics solutions to comply with best practices with a key focus on adhering to NIST compliance for password security and user authentication. Authlogics has numerous tools and solutions to assist our customers to achieve the necessary ongoing compliance with legislative frameworks. This is achieved with our password security management and multi-factor authentication solutions, both of which are prescribed requirements for secure and compliant environments.”

Our company ethos is to provide simple, memorable, and secure logins. We intend to continue our mission into 2021 to remove the password problem and encourage companies to migrate towards a passwordless environment, reduce their helpdesk costs, save time, increase employee productivity by simplifying the end-user login process, and securing critical company apps,

If 2021 is as unpredictable as 2020, we look forward to the challenges ahead!

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