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Protect yourself, protect your organization, protect your Active Directory

With everyone working at home and IT policies under scrutiny as cyberattacks are on the rise, how do you ensure your Active Directory is secure?  Time to do an audit to find out!

Remote working is key to keeping organizations functional but it can also be devastating with damaging costs if the right security procedures are not in place.  With the pandemic showing no signs of disappearing and countries being forced back into lockdown for the second time, organizations are urging their employees to work from home where possible.  But are staff adhering to the company IT policies when at home with so many distractions like how long is this lockdown going to last or even who is going to be the next US president?


Strip it back to the basics

Human beings are the weak link in the IT security chain as our brains are not suited to remember complex passwords and therefore we resort to simple and repetitive passwords across both personal and work accounts.  With these basic human errors, we open the doors to cybercriminals who not only have access to our personal credentials but also we become the gateway that allows cyberattacks to take place on the organizations we work for.


Brave enough to risk it?

Once those cybercriminals have arrived through your virtual door, you are at risk of many different forms of cyberattack including ransomware, phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and data breaches. IBM recently revealed that the average cost of a data breach amounted to $3.86million with the healthcare industry being the top target given the current circumstances.

IBM Data Breach

(image courtesy of IBM Security)


It doesn’t need to be complicated

Audits can be a drawn-out and complex process with potential unsatisfactory results.  Keep it simple, let our experienced team do the hard work for you.  The Authlogics AD Password Security Audit will assess the password vulnerability of your Active Directory and provide you with a comprehensive management report and detailed spreadsheets to support this evidence that you can easily understand and action.  Our technical team is on hand to advise, guide, and provide solutions.

In association with Troy Hunt, founder of HIBP (Have I Been Pawned), Authlogics are giving away the Authlogics Active Directory Audit free of charge to organizations around the world for a limited time.

Audit benefits include:

  • Locate known breached passwords
  • Find accounts sharing the same password
  • Takes minutes, not days – no brute-forcing
  • Per-user spreadsheet breakdown
  • Credential Audit and Risk report
  • Find people using AD passwords on social media
  • Passwords & hashes never leave your network
  • NIST SP 800-63B compliance status

Audit Report Example

Reports, data, and analytics are sourced from the established Password Breached Database consisting of over 520 million clear text passwords and over 2 billion credentials that Authlogics holds.

Once you’ve established your needs and requirements, learn more about what the Password Security Management (PSM) solution provides.  Discover the PSM datasheet and check out the comparison chart for confirmation that you are making the right decision.  Protect your organization in the best possible way.

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