80% of all data breaches nowadays start with inadequately protected user credentials. Attackers often break into organizations through weakly secured endpoints with credentials they may have acquired through phishing or other forms of theft, and then move laterally inside the network, to target more valuable assets. 

Strong authentication for each and every user in an organization is therefore the foundation to any security architecture. Using PKI-based or FIDO2-based credentials is the state-of-are protection against the above-mentioned risks. 

For more than a decade, CRYPTAS and Intercede have been teaming up for implementing strong authentication solutions for European customers of all sizes. In our joint solution, MyID credential management is integrated with a pre-existing, or a dedicated Public Key Infrastructure. End users are equipped with smartcards and virtual smartcards. In distributed organizations with an increasing level of home office workers, IT admins and end users benefit from a large degree of self-service for enrolment and renewal of credentials and digital certificates.

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