MyID v12 is here

MyID v12 Now Generally Available

We are excited to release MyID v12, which is now generally available. The latest version of MyID marks a significant milestone in the credential management software as we incorporate the management of FIDO credentials into MyID for the first time.

In addition to the introduction of a FIDO server, management capability of policy and lifecycle management for FIDO authenticators, and integrations with multiple FIDO authenticators, several other updates have been made in MyID v12.

New Features


MyID now includes a FIDO server, supporting multiple FIDO2 authenticators, including security keys, smart cards, iOS and Android mobile devices.

MyID v12 also brings the management capability our customers using PKI are accustomed to to FIDO. Management features include policy and lifecycle management of FIDO authenticators. To find out more visit our FIDO web page.

Authentication Server

 In addition to existing REST APIs and the ADFS adaptor, the MyID authentication server now supports OpenID Connect. Providing a standard-based method, using OAuth 2.0, to add MyID to existing applications.

Operator Client

Further updates have been made to add functionality and improve the user experience of the MyID Operator Client. Updates include photo capture from webcam or file, Windows Hello for Business certificate management, device cancellation, and security question authentication. The Operator Client is now supported across Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and Mozilla Firefox browsers,

Data driven policy control

To simplify the issuance process, where multiple types of credentials are used, e.g. for different job roles or for different customers in a managed services environment, credential profiles can now be restricted based on person data attributes.

Architecture and APIs


MyID server components are now 64-bit. In addition to improved performance by making better use of available memory resources, this enables MyID to support a wider range of modern infrastructure components such as Crypto as a Service.


MyID is now provided with a modern set of REST APIs designed to simplify integration with other identity and access management components.

Providing automated management over people, groups, credential requests and devices, the APIs are provided with an interactive set of documentation using swagger. 


MyID now supports the following devices and 3rd party systems:

  • Additional identities on YubiKeys
  • SafeNet Data Protection on Demand cloud HSM as a Service
  • Thales eToken 5300
  • Datacard DS1, DS2 and DS3 printers
  • Cryptas TicTok v3 cards with IDProtect 7.60 client
  • Windows 10 20H2

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