MyID V12.1 Now Available

We are pleased to be able to release MyID V12.1, which is now available.  The latest version offers several new features, we hope you will find useful.

New Features


Authentication without Usernames

MyID® can now provide FIDO credentials and support authentication without entering a username – simplifying the user experience.

  • Part of the MyID Authentication Server – it can be integrated into your own systems to make authentication with FIDO easier.

Derived Credentials

Users can now request and collect their own FIDO credentials after authenticating with a trusted certificate.

  • FIDO can be easily rolled out to users who have certificates from other systems (e.g., contractors, supply chain, etc.).
  • No additional software is required on the user’s computer.
  • FIDO authentication integrates easily into your environment using MyID Authentication Server.


The terminology and language used to display information on screen in MyID Operator Client can now be modified to suit your organisation’s needs, including multi language support based on preferences set in the web browser settings.

Ability to access multiple reports and searches from the browser user interface in MyID Operator Client.

  • A selection of role-based reports.
  • Flexible search criteria.
  • Access to additional search definitions from the user interface.
  • All searches/reports available via authenticated REST APIs.

A new feature in MyID enables you to open multiple browser windows, we have also included the ability to bookmark defined searches or objects, so you can easily access or share a specific search report or item (person, device, request).


Key Rotation on secure devices

When updating a device, MyID can check if the device security keys need to be updated and if so, set new keys on the device:

    • Allows controlled roll out of security updates when policy requires this.
    • Reports on devices that are still pending update to refresh security keys.

Delayed Cancellation

When replacing devices for non-critical reasons (e.g., device swap/badge reprint) the devices can be left active until a later date.

      • Existing devices can continue to be used whilst replacements are prepared.
      • Avoids workarounds and temporary credentials being required.

Job Archival

You can now archive jobs that have been completed or cancelled, which improves performance and clears the backlog of jobs that are no longer relevant.  Can also be run as a scheduled process.


Use MyID to manage the latest available devices.

    • Latest generations of YubiKey 5 & YubiKey FIPS devices (firmware 5.4.2 and 5.4.3) including additional device security capabilities.
    • Entrust CA Gateway – simplified interfaces to Entrust Certificate Authority products.
    • Thales T-Series – supports the latest generation of NIST certified HSM’s from Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies.
    • EJBCA updated to work with latest PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise PKI version 7.5.

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