MyID CMS Release Notes v12.9

MyID Release Notes v12.9

MyID has once again pushed the envelope in the world of identity and credential management, introducing a host of new features that not only cater to a broader range of use cases but also provide enhanced security. With MyID’s new capabilities, the future of mobile identity documents is here.

MyID now offers support for the provisioning and lifecycle management of Mobile Identity Documents. These verifiable credentials, stored securely in a mobile wallet, are based on the ISO/IEC 18013-5 technical standards for Mobile Drivers Licence, but with adaptability to serve a wider variety of scenarios, such as providing proof of qualifications, authority, access rights, and more.

Customisation is a key component of MyID’s new update. Whether you need to define the electronic attributes of a document for external verification or create a graphical layout with information, photos, and PDF417 barcodes, MyID has got you covered. Moreover, the platform offers seamless self-service collection of documents on iOS and Android using the MyID Wallet app.

But that’s not all. MyID’s enhanced Contactless Card Management, improved 1d and 2d barcode support, integration updates, and a comprehensive User Account Attribute Change Log offer you complete control and visibility in the identification process. Additionally, with enhanced search results, you can sort, organise, and refine your data with ease.

With MyID, managing identity information and credentials has never been more secure, efficient, or adaptable. Join us on this exciting journey towards a future where verification and identity management are effortless.

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