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MyID Release Notes v12.8

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Intercede’s newest MyID release, version 12.8. This new update introduces marked improvements to the certificate management feature, refreshed integration capabilities, and considerable enhancements to the MyID Operator Client.

Beginning with our enhanced certificate management, we’ve augmented its flexibility and efficiency. You can now seamlessly search and list certificates, with the added functionality of filtering by certificate authority, policy, status, and expiry and issuance dates. Downloading lists of certificates to a csv file has become more straightforward, as has accessing detailed information about a certificate. In addition, users can adjust the renewal date, regulate automatic certificate renewal, and initiate the revocation of a certificate. To further aid encryption, we’ve made it simpler to see the devices holding a copy of an archived certificate and improved the view of all certificates associated with a person.

We’re thrilled to announce that these features can now be utilised via the MyID Core API for systems integration. Furthermore, we’ve added several batch operations available through the Operator Client, such as the ability to revoke, suspend, unsuspend certificates, change renewal dates, and automatic renewal, as well as pausing and resuming certificate processing queues.

In a move to boost identity and access management integrations, MyID can now send notifications to REST APIs when role-associated events occur. This includes events like a person being added, updated, or their account being enabled or disabled, and when a person is removed from MyID.

Moreover, we have amplified the features of the MyID Operator Client. Users will now have a streamlined access to a device’s audit history. Device transport PINs generated by MyID can be viewed by privileged administrators, and the view person feature now includes a list of previously assigned devices. We have also made it possible for cancelled credentials to be reinstated, thereby eliminating the need to send new devices or repeat the full issuance process. To further assist in filtering, we have added device categories.

Lastly, to heighten security and convenience, we have added support for a broad range of Thales authentication devices.

For more details – click to download our latest release notes here.

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