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MyID Release Notes 12.7

Introducing the new MyID® version 12.7 – your ultimate solution for dynamic, scalable and efficient Credential Management.

MyID 12.7 brings to you an enhanced batch operations service for superior management of huge numbers of people, devices and credential requests. From importing user accounts, to requesting updates for devices, our efficient system automates these vital tasks, facilitating smoother operation and freeing up more of your valuable time.

Inventory Management enables you to monitor batches of card or device stock across multiple locations. This feature provides inventory reports and stock transfer tracking for every location you define, reinforcing transparency, and accountability.

Privileged user account certificates have been updated, revealing new ways of utilising this feature. With the help of the Operator Client web page and the MyID Core API, additional identities can now be assigned to a user account.

We are also introducing a feature that enables control over device assignments for individual MyID groups. This is exceptionally beneficial for independent business units and organisations that offer MyID as a Managed Service. You can now manage the total number of devices that can be assigned and the period of these assignments per MyID group. This will cement agreements with end customers and allows for adjustments when required.

MyID 12.7 has adopted new MyID Core API (REST) and Operator Client features. These additions enhance device lifecycle management, including areas of software certificate collection, document printing, card deliveries, and the approval process for credential cancellation/revocation.

Upgrade to MyID 12.7 today. Empower your organisation with an optimised Credential Management process that is not only efficient, but also highly productive, secure and adaptable.

Download the latest release notes here.

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View our playlist of demo videos that we have created to show you the new features included in MyID® 12.7 Release.

MyID Release Notes 12.7 - What's New Image

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