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MyID Release Notes 12.6

Intercede, the global leader in managing digital identities, is proud to announce the latest updates to their credential management software platform, MyID®, with the release of version 12.6.

We have enhanced PIN policy enforcement during the PIN management processes. This enhances user experience by ensuring that easily guessable information cannot be used as part of the user PIN. MyID works to compare entered information against a configurable list of words and a range of user attributes quickly and securely.

MyID is also working to address the changes to Windows Certificate Based Authentication as detailed in Microsoft KB5014754. This process makes it easier for customers to mitigate the impact of the changes by allowing MyID to import UserSID information and include it in certificates issued by Microsoft and Primekey Certificate Authorities. Addition reports, APIs, and user attributes help locate and update affected records in MyID.

MyID has also made improvements to the activation process. When displaying terms and conditions, customers are now able to generate a template that includes rich HTML formatting and build in attributes of the person and credentials being activated. This makes the process easier and more convenient for customers. MyID also enables customers to send device lifecycle notifications to external systems when needed.

MyID has enhanced its Operator Client with a variety of features such as an enhanced group picker, new ‘Additional Identities’ report, and search filters. MyID has also integrated with Windows Server 2022, Windows 10 & Windows 11 22H2, Global PIN support for Idemia PIV cards, and SafeNet SC650 v4.1 with 90Meter card middleware.

MyID is committed to the highest standards in digital identity management, and works to continually provide customers with the latest in safety and convenience. To learn more about MyID and the services provided, contact us today.

For the full release notes, download the pdf.

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