MyID + YubiKey

MyID is now listed in Yubico’s Works with YubiKey catalogue as a PKI and FIDO2 credential management system

Yubico, the creator of the YubiKey and author of open authentication standards, is the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys. YubiKeys enable strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication using FIDO2 and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

MyID and YubiKeys are already working together across a number of joint customer deployments. However, until recently MyID has been used as the credential management system for organisations looking to deploy YubiKeys across their workforce using PKI.

With the release of v12 in April, MyID can now be used to issue and lifecycle manage YubiKeys using FIDO2 and PKI credentials.

“YubiKey is the gold standard when it comes to hardware-based authentication and Yubico is a longstanding technology partner of Intercede. Together we have a strong joint proposition, offering hardware-backed authentication for customers who do not want to compromise on security or usability,” said Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer at Intercede.  “With the introduction of FIDO2 to MyID, we have extended our capabilities to provide enterprises with the management they need to take advantage of YubiKey’s FIDO2 capabilities at scale.”

“We’re thrilled to see that MyID software has recently been updated to include FIDO credential management,” said Fredrik Krantz, Senior Vice President, EMEA and APAC at Yubico. “Our partnership with Intercede creates greater opportunities for enterprises to issue digital identities simply and securely at scale, something increasingly important in today’s world of advanced breaches and hybrid work environments.”

Intercede and Yubico are actively working with existing customers who are exploring the potential of FIDO2 alongside their PKI deployments, as well as other organisations looking at a sole FIDO2 and PKI authentication deployments.

To find out more about the functionality of MyID with Yubico visit here.

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