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Modernize your MFA with Advanced Push Authentication

Enable end users to log on with just a ‘push’ of a button. Still secure, but ever so simple.

Authlogics Push MFA supports passwordless and biometric logins by providing a trusted multi-factor authentication using a single click.

Are your users suffering from MFA Fatigue?

Your users may receive multiple push notifications which stop only when they accept the authentication request – allowing attackers access to your organisation’s IT infrastructure. This common attack, known as “MFA Fatigue”, is another tool bad actors can exploit to gain entry to your systems and data. MFA Fatigue is when a user receives multiple push notifications, which only stop when you accept the authentication request – harassing or ‘bombing’ the end user.

MFA Fatigue is caused when users are harassed by constant notifications and requests for them to accept. As a result, they may start to ignore or disable push notifications altogether, which can make it difficult for organisations to communicate important information or updates to their users.

The danger…

Organisations can experience a decrease in user engagement, loss of trust and revenue as well as brand damage when MFA Fatigue sets in with its users.

The solution…

Enhance your authentication experience with Authlogics advanced Push MFA and give users a passwordless, secure login process that works anywhere in the world (even on a plane!) and stop worrying about MFA Fatigue attacks.

It even works when you are not online – you can work fully offline wherever you are in the world with a seamless user experience.

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