RNS Reach – Collaborations with VMWare and Imagination

13th June 2017


(“Intercede”, or the “Group”)

Collaborations with VMWare and Imagination

Intercede, the leading specialist in digital identity, credential management and secure mobility, is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with VMWare and Imagination on two separate, significant projects utilising Intercede’s leading MyID and MyTAM software.

MyID is now available for VMware Workspace ONE and VMware AirWatch to provide U.S. Federal Government employees with secure remote access to mail, browsers and other apps on their mobile devices. To access this capability, federal government employees can use existing Personal Identity Verification (PIV) smart cards at a self-service kiosk to authenticate to the system to provision keys and certificates to their mobile devices.

Users are able to leverage Intercede’s MyID technology and mobile software development kit (SDK) through a derived credentials solution for secure mobility, which provides increased mobile credentialing capability in compliance with stringent security standards for strong authentication and mobile working (FIPS 201-2 / Special Publication 800-157). More details of this collaboration can be found at https://www.intercede.com/news/intercede-collaborates-with-vmware-to-offer-secure-device-based-mobile-solution-for-u.s.-federal-government/.

Commenting on the VMWare collaboration, Richard Parris, Chairman & CEO of Intercede, said;

“Government is a highly regulated industry and one that cannot afford to be the victim of easily avoided data breaches or cyber hacks. The repercussions of poor authentication for a government department could be serious and far-reaching, which means security should never be taken lightly. Allowing customers to leverage the capabilities of VMware AirWatch and Intercede solutions is low impact to the user, easy to use and will assist government departments in managing who has access to privileged data.”

Intercede and Imagination are providing a demonstration of the ‘Trust Continuum’ at BT’s Innovation 2017 event. The demonstration focuses on how systems-on-chips (SoCs) for home gateway routers can be architected to address the growing security and management challenges presented by the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, services and technologies entering the home. It is based on a MIPS-based platform which supports multiple isolated Trusted Runtime Environments (TREs) where services, including the network communication standards they rely upon, can be provisioned and managed by the operator. This is enabled by the powerful hardware virtualization capabilities of the MIPS CPU and the security-focused evolution of Intercede’s MyTAM® client and mobile app, which enables service providers to dynamically created TREs and to deploy trusted applications directly into them.

More details of Intercede’s contribution to BT Innovation 2017 can be found at https://www.intercede.com/news/bt-intercede-and-imagination-collaborate-on-iot-security/.

Richard Parris, Chairman & CEO of Intercede, commented on Intercede’s work with Imagination;

“This is another example of how Intercede’s software is forming a vital component of key eco-systems, both now and for future development. Systems-on-Chips will be integral to the Internet of Things, particularly in light of the growing management and security issues thrown up by the proliferation of IoT devices, services and technologies entering the home.”


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