Major US public sector agency orders newly-launched MyID derived credentials for mobile devices

Existing Intercede customer to use latest release of MyID credential management software to meet new US Government FIPS 201-2 security standard

Lutterworth, UK – Leading digital identity expert Intercede today announced that a high-profile US Federal government agency has placed an initial order for its MyID v10.1 credential management software to provide its employees with secure identity on mobile devices to meet the new FIPS 201-2 standard.

Launched earlier this month, MyID v10.1 is the US’s first derived credential solution that can securely issue and manage trusted personal identity verification (PIV) credentials for mobile. Meeting the technical and business process standards for FIPS 201-2 compliance, MyID combines technology independence with an easy “mobile first” self-service interface to enable fast enterprise-wide deployment of derived credentials.

The use of derived credentials enables Federal employees to securely access mobile resources that they could previously only get to with their PIV smart card, leading to higher productivity while strengthening security.

Richard Parris, Intercede CEO, commented: “This launch customer for MyID v10.1 is the first deployment of a derived credentials based identity solution within the US Federal government. Such is our industry leadership that this order was secured even before FIPS 201-2 has been formally ratified. With several more contracts in the pipeline for early closure, we look forward to a healthy new revenue stream from our move into mobile security.”

About Intercede

Intercede is a software company specializing in identity and credential management with a global team of experts located in the US and UK.

Intercede’s MyID software enables organizations to create and use trusted digital identities for employees, citizens and machines. This allows secure access to services, facilities, information and networks.

MyID meets the highest government standards yet is simple enough to be deployed onto consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets. Critically, MyID provides an easy, convenient and secure alternative to passwords.

Millions of identities are managed using MyID and Intercede has provided identity verification and management services to global customers for more than twenty years. MyID is a commercial-off-the-shelf software product, designed and developed to be configurable so it can be embedded as the cornerstone of cybersecurity infrastructure for governments and corporations.

Customers trusting Intercede for secure digital identity include the US and UK governments and some of the world’s largest corporations, telecommunications providers and information technology partners.

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