Intercede’s MyTAM protects transactions for Korea’s top two credit card companies

In May 2015, UK headquartered Intercede plc announced an agreement with Interpay, the Korean m-commerce specialist, for the provision of Intercede’s MyTAM® solution.  MyTAM is a cloud-based service enabling Android app developers and service providers to deploy trusted applications to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a cryptographically locked, secure operating environment built into leading Android devices at the point of manufacture.

 Today it can be revealed that Interpay has now deployed solutions incorporating MyTAM for Shinhan Card and Samsung Card, Korea’s largest two credit card companies. End users who adopt the mobile commerce solution can interact with the relevant financial application to complete transactions and banking services, whilst protecting from threats such as man-in-the-browser malware and spyware.

Both Interpay and Intercede will be attending the Korean FinTech Demo-day in London on 22nd July hosted by the Fintech Center of the Republic of Korea. Richard Parris has been invited as Guest Speaker by the Financial Conduct Authority to demonstrate Intercede’s close working relationship with two major Korean financial institutions.  The event will incorporate addresses from The Korean Ambassador to the UK (pictured below), Mr Andrew Bailey, CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority and Mr Jong-Yong Yim, Chairman of the Korean Financial Services Commission.

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