Intercede announces partnership with Centrify

4 April, 2017 

Intercede and Centrify partner to streamline secure mobile access for highly regulated enterprises

Intercede’s MyID technology and Centrify Identity Service enable compliance with HSPD 12 and open new mobile use cases for employees. 

London, England/Washington DC

Today, cybersecurity and identity management expert Intercede announces a partnership with Centrify, the leader in securing hybrid enterprises through the power of identity, to secure and manage mobile access in highly regulated industries who must comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), FIPS 201-2 and NIST 800-157. 

Interecede’s MyID enables enterprises to replace employee passwords with more secure and convenient digital identities on smart cards.  This solution then manages the lifecycle of credentials, for example revoking them if a user leaves an organisation or updating them in advance of the credentials expiring. All credential issuance and lifecycle events are recorded into MyID, providing full visibility and audit capabilities. 

By integrating Intercede’s mobile identity agent and software development kit (SDK) with Centrify Identity Service’s derived credential, the companies are creating a superior security solution for end-users and allowing mobile devices to be used for secure access to apps, websites and services that require smart card authentication.  For enterprises that need stronger authentication that eliminates passwords, or Federal agencies and other organisations who must comply with HSPD-12, NIST guidance and other security mandates for Smart Card authentication, Centrify’s derived credential solution provides a seamless way to provide mobile access without compromising security. 

It’s encouraging to see global businesses like Centrify leading the charge on better security practice. For too long, username and passwords have failed to protect businesses from cyberattack. This type of authentication doesn’t serve the purpose of a 21st century business that wishes to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the risks of today’s digital economy,” said Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede. 

Centrify’s decision to integrate with Intercede technology to replace the use of passwords in its suite of products and cloud based services is a step in the right direction. Alternative methods of enhanced authentication are available now, are affordable, accessible and easy to implement. Add to that the fact that some of the most secure methods today are more convenient to the end user than long, complicated passwords, and there really is no excuse for continuing to put the bottom line and customers at risk.” 

We’re thrilled to be working so closely with Intercede, and we know our highly-regulated customers will be too,” said Bill Mann, chief product officer at Centrify. “Intercede and Centrify share a common goal: To protect our customers against the number one cause of data breaches – weak or compromised user credentials.  Our proven cloud and mobile expertise, combined with Intercede’s leading credentialing solutions, provide our customers with secure access to today’s hybrid IT world, without compromising their security.”

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Centrify redefines security from a legacy static perimeter-based approach to protecting millions of scattered connections in a boundaryless hybrid enterprise. As the only industry recognized leader in both Privileged Identity Management and Identity-as-a-Service, Centrify provides a single platform to secure each user’s access to apps and infrastructure through the power of identity services. This is Next Dimension Security in the Age of Access. Centrify is enabling over 5,000 customers, including over half the Fortune 50, to defend their organizations. To learn more visit

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