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Intercede’s annual sales kick-off event marks the start to an exciting new financial year

Over the course of this week Intercede has ran its annual sales kick-off event involving all staff from across its UK and US operations.

The event, which marks the start of Intercede’s 2020 financial year involved departments from across the business attending a series of workshops and events.

Intercede Sales Kick Off event

From sales plans to product development and knowledge sharing workshops, the kick-off provided a collaborative environment for the sales, product, project, marketing, development, test and customer support teams involved.

“The sales kick-off provides a great opportunity for our trans-Atlantic team to get together, look at what has gone well over the past year, understand where we can improve and map out shared initiatives for us to continue growing over the next 12 months.

Intercede staff taking part in the Big Picture challenge

“It has been a busy but productive week for all involved and I’m pleased to say we’ve also found time to have fun events along the way.” Said Klaas van der Leest, CEO at Intercede.

The week culminated in an all staff team-building event which involved The Big Picture dividing Intercede staff into small teams where they worked together to paint 32 canvases. After two hours of teamwork the canvases combined to make a huge hand-painted graphic to match Intercede’s newly launched visual identity.

Having announced to the London Stock Exchange on Monday a 10 per cent increase in annual revenues and return to profitability, Intercede is well placed to continue its growth path through the 2020 financial year.



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