Authenticate Virtual Summit: Focus on Europe

Intercede sponsor FIDO Alliance’s Authenticate Virtual Summit: Focus on Europe

Intercede are pleased to be one of the supporting sponsors of the Authenticate Virtual Summit: Focus on Europe.

The virtual event brings together leading financial services executives, regulatory experts, merchants, solutions providers and industry analysts to discuss the state of authentication in Europe in light of regulations like PSD2 SCA, eIDAS and GDPR, open banking and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those joining the event will come away with an understanding of where FIDO and related technologies fit for organisations looking to strike the right balance between strong authentication of user logins, cryptographically signed transactions and a frictionless user experience.

The MyID credential management platform now provides a FIDO compliant authentication service with enterprise-ready lifecycle management.

  •  Control how users authenticate with FIDO, based on defined security policy
  • Simplified policy-driven FIDO credential issuance that requires minimal IT effort
  • Supports a wide range of standards-based FIDO devices, including security keys, iOS and Android mobile devices, and smart cards
  • Enable access to multiple systems with one FIDO credential, utilising MyID’s plugin with Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) and OpenID Connect integration APIs
  • Revocation or replacement of FIDO credentials if employees lose or damage their credentialed device, change roles, or leave the business
  • Management software that integrates into your existing IAM infrastructure for quick, easy deployment
  • Unified management for FIDO and PKI credentials from one system, controlling policy, visibility and lifecycle management independent of the technology in use

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